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Staying in Aguas Calientes - Machupicchu Pueblo


The nights in Aguas Calientes are quiet as there is relatively little nightlife. A few tourists go out to restaurants for drinks but most of them return to Cuzco by train after visiting Machu Picchu.

Ciudad Aguas Calientes

The town is a nice place but prices are high by Peruvian standards. Room rates range from less than $15 a night (for very poor quality rooms) to $1200 a night. Due to the elevated costs, many tourists simply rest on the benches of the small plaza until their train comes.

Macchu Picchu Pueblo

The mighty Urubamba River flows alongside Aguas Calientes and many business people have taken the risk of building their hotels and restaurants along its banks. This in spite of the fact that in April of 2004 heavy rains led to an avalanche and an overflowing of the river banks, destroying homes and killing ten people.

A landslide buried the town of Santa Teresa just 12 miles from Aguas Calientes and not too long ago a flood destroyed a hydroelectric plant. The railroad that linked Machu Picchu with Quillabamba has been out of service since then; however, the authorities have not shown interest in repairing it.

Camino a Machu Picchu
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